− キリスト伝(23) −
James Stalker


During the last six months He spent in Galilee, He abandoned to a large extent His old work of preaching and miracle-working and devoted Himself to the instruction of these adherents. 最後の6ヶ月の間イエスはガリラヤで過ごした。彼はたくさん行っていた説教の仕事と奇跡の業をやめ、これらの追従者たちの養成に身を献げた。
He made long circuits with them in the most distant parts of the province, avoiding publicity as much as possible. 彼はできるだけ人目を避けるために、その地方の最もへんぴなところを弟子たちを伴って巡った。
Thus we find him at Tyre and Sidon, far to the north-west; at Caesarea-Philippi, on the far north-east; and in Decapolis, to the south and east of the lake. こうして私たちは、彼を遙か北方のツロとシドンに、また遙か北東にあるピリポ・カイザリヤ、湖の南と東にあるデカポリスに見いだす。
These journeys, or rather flights, were due partly to the bitter opposition of the Pharisees, partly to fear of Herod, but chiefly to the desire to be alone with His disciples. これらの旅、というよりも逃避行は、パリサイ人たちの激しい反対と、ヘロデ党への恐れが原因ではあったが、弟子たちだけとともにいたいとの願いが主なものであった。
The precious result of them was seen in an incident which happened at Caesarea-Philippi. その貴重な結果はピリポ・カイザリヤで起きた出来事に見られた。
Jesus began to ask His disciples what were the popular views about Himself, and they told Him the various conjectures which were flying about—that He was a prophet, that He was Elias, that He was John the Baptist, and so on. イエスは彼の弟子たちに、人々はは彼のことをなんと言っているか尋ねはじめた。弟子たちは様々な見解があって、予言者、エリヤ、バプテスマのヨハネ、等々だと答えた。
‘But whom say ye that I am?’ He asked; and Peter answered for them all, ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ 「では、あなたがたは私をなんだというのか?」と彼は問うた。ペテロは彼ら全員に代わって答えた。「あなたはキリスト、活ける神の子です。」と。
This was the deliberate and decisive conviction by which they were determined to abide, whatever might come. この十分考えを尽くした確信であって、どのような事態が起きても彼らの中に宿り続けた。
Jesus received the confession with great joy, and at once recognized in those who had made it the nucleus of the future Church, which was to be built on the truth to which they had given expression. イエスはその告白を大きな喜びを持って受け止めた。そしてただちに彼らが未来の教会の核になることを理解した。その教会は彼らが表現した真理の上に立てられるべきものであった。
Toward Death 死へ向かって
But this attainment only prepared them for a new trial of faith. しかしこの達成は新たな信仰の試みの準備に過ぎなかった。
From that time, we are told, He began to inform them of His approaching sufferings and death. その時から、イエスは彼らに自分の苦難と死が近づいていることを知らせ始めたと私たちは知らされている。
These now stood out clearly before His own mind as the only issue of His career to be looked for. それが彼の生涯に起きる唯一のできごとであることが、彼の心中には明らかとなった。
He had hinted as much to them before, but, with that delicate and loving consideration which always graduated His teaching to their capacity, He did not refer to it often. 彼は弟子たちに繊細で愛に満ちた考慮を持って多くのヒントを与えたが、それらは常に彼らの能力に合わせたものであった。イエスはそうしばしばは触れなかった。
But now they were in some degree able to bear it; and, as it was inevitable and near at hand, He kept insisting on it continually. しかし今、彼らはそれに耐えられる段階に達した。そしてそれはもう避けられず手の届くところにあったので、イエスは絶えずそれを強調した。
But they themselves tell us they did not in the least understand Him. しかし、弟子たち自身はイエスをわずかしか理解していなかった。
In common with all their countrymen, they expected a Messiah who should sit on the throne of David, and of whose reign there should be no end. 弟子たちは彼らの同胞と同じく、ダビデの王座に座し、永遠に統治する救い主を期待した。
They believed Jesus was this Messiah; and it was to them utterly incomprehensible that, instead of reigning, He should be killed on His arrival in Jerusalem. 彼らは、イエスは救い主であると信じた。しかし世をおさめるどころか、エルサレムに到着すると殺されるということは完全に理解できなかった。
They listened to Him, they discussed His words among themselves, but they regarded their apparent meaning as a wild impossibility. 彼らはイエスに聞き、彼ら自身の間でイエスの言葉を議論した。しかし彼らにはその明らかな意味を理解することは不可能であった。
They thought He was only using one of the parabolic sayings of which He was so fond, His real meaning being that the present lowly form of His work was to die and disappear, and His cause rise, as it were, out of the grave in a glorious and triumphant shape. 彼らは、イエスがよく用いた比喩表現だと思い、イエスの真の意味は、今の卑しい働きの姿は、死によって消え失せ、栄光の勝利の姿で墓を出ると思っていた。
He endeavoured to undeceive them, going more and more minutely into the details of His approaching sufferings; but their minds could not take the truth in. イエスは、刻一刻近づいてくる彼の苦難の仔細によって彼らを迷わせないように願った。しかし弟子たちのこころは真理を受け入れることができなかった。
How completely even the best of them failed to do so is shown by the frequent wranglings among them at this period as to which should in the approaching kingdom be the greatest, and by the request of Salome for her sons, that they should sit the one on the right and the other on the left hand in His kingdom. 彼らの中の最もすぐれたものもいかに完全に欠落していたことであろう。近づいている王国で偉大な者は誰か、この時期になって言い争ったことや、サロメと彼女の息子たちが、一人を彼の右にもう一人を彼の左に座らせてもらいたい願ったことにも明らかに示されている。
When they left Galilee and went up towards Jerusalem, it was with the conviction that ‘the kingdom of God should immediately appear’—that is, that Jesus, on arriving in the capital, would throw off the guise of humiliation He had hitherto worn, and, overcoming all opposition by some forthputting of His concealed glory, take His place on the throne of His fathers. 彼らがガリラヤを去ってエルサレムに向かっていったとき、「神の王国がただちに現れる」もの信じていた。――イエスが首都に到着したとき、卑しい衣を脱ぎ捨て隠していた栄光の姿を現し、父の王座に着くと思っていたのであった。