− パウロ伝(21) −
The Life of St. Paul
James Stalker

(コリントI 12:31、14:1)


49. Effect on his Future.--The three dark days were not done before he knew one thing more--that his life was to be devoted to the proclamation of these discoveries.

49.彼の前途に与えた影響 ・・・暗闇の三日間は、彼がもう一つのことを知るまでは終わらなかった・・・それは、彼の生涯はこれらの見いだしたことを宣伝するために献げられなければならないということであった。
In any case this must have been. いずれにせよ、彼はそれをしなければならかった。
Paul was a born propagandist and could not have become the possessor of such revolutionary truth without spreading it. パウロは宣教者として生まれ、そのような革命的な真理を広めることなしに、その所有者となっていることはできなかった。
Besides, he had a warm heart, that could be deeply moved with gratitude; and, when Jesus, whom he had blasphemed and tried to blot out of the memory of the world, treated him with such divine benignity, giving him back his forfeited life and placing him in that position which had always appeared to him the prize of life, he could not but put himself at His service with all his powers. おまけに、彼は感謝に深く心を動かされる熱いこころを持っていた。彼が冒涜し、この世から抹殺しようとしたうとしたイエスが、彼をそのように神の愛をもって扱われ、失われた人生を彼に返し、常に彼に人生の誉れであると思っていた地位に彼を置かれたことに対して、彼のすべての力をもって仕えることに身を置く外なかった。
He was an ardent patriot, the hope of the Messiah having long occupied for him the whole horizon of the future; and, when he knew that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah of his people and the Saviour of the world, it followed as a matter of course that he must spend his life in making this known. 彼は熱烈な愛国者であって、ずっと先の未来に来る救い主の望みは長く彼のこころを占めていた。ナザレのイエスが彼の国民と世界を救う救い主であることを知ったとき、もちろんこれを世に知らしめることに生涯を用いなければならないということが続いた。

50. But this destiny was also clearly announced to him from the outside.

Ananias, probably the leading man in the small Christian community at Damascus, was informed, in a vision, of the change which had happened to Paul, and was sent to restore his sight and admit him into the Christian Church by baptism. アナニヤは恐らく、ダマスコの小さいキリスト者仲間の指導者であったであろう。彼は幻の中でパウロに起こる変化を告げられた。そしてパウロが再び見えるようになり、洗礼によってキリスト教会に彼を迎え入れるために遣わされた。
Nothing could be more beautiful than the way in which this servant of God approached the man who had come to the city to take his life. この神の僕が彼のいのちを奪おうとこの町にやってきた人物に近づいた方法ほど麗しいものは世にない。
As soon as he learned the state of the case, he forgave and forgot all the crimes of his enemy and sprang to clasp him in the arms of Christian love. この事例の状態を知るやいなや彼は彼の敵のすべての罪を赦し、彼を抱くためにキリストの愛の腕を広げた。
Certain as may have been the assurance which in the inner world of the mind Paul had in those three days received of forgiveness, it must have been to him a most welcome reassurance when, on opening his eyes again upon the external world, he was met with no contradiction of the visions he had been looking on, but the first object he saw was a human face bending over him with looks of forgiveness and perfect love. 三日間のうちに、パウロの内なるこころの世界に、赦しを受けた証拠あったことは確かであった。外の世界に対して再び目が開かれたときに彼が最初に見たものは、赦しと完全な愛の表情で彼の上に身をかがめたひとの顔であったことに、彼は元気づけられたことであろう。
He learned from Ananias the future the Saviour had appointed him: he had been apprehended by Christ in order to be a vessel to bear His name to Gentiles and kings and to the children of Israel. 彼はアナニヤから、自分の将来について救い主が自分を指名されたことを知らされた。 彼はキリストによってその名を異邦人に、王たちに、イスラエルの子らにもたらす器い指名されたことを理解した。
He accepted the mission with limitless devotion; and from that hour to the hour of his death he had but one ambition--to apprehend that for which he had been apprehended of Christ Jesus. 彼は無制限の敬虔をもって使命と、その時から死に至るまでただひとつの望み・・・自分をとらえられたキリスト・イエスをとらえること・・・のためにそうすることを受け入れた。