− キリスト伝(25) −
James Stalker


Annual Feast of Passover 過越の年祭り
AT length the third year of His ministry verged towards its close, and the revolving seasons brought round the great annual feast of the Passover. 彼の3年の伝道もとうとう終わりに近づいた。そして過越の大きな年祭りのシーズンが巡ってきた。
It is said that as many as two or three millions of strangers were gathered in Jerusalem on such an occasion. その頃は二百万人から三百万人の人々がエルサレムに集まってきたと言われている。
They not only flocked from every part of Palestine, but came over sea and land from all the countries in which the seed of Abraham were dispersed, in order to celebrate the event in which their national history began. 彼らは、国の歴史の当初に始められた祝いの行事を守るために、パレスチナのあらゆる地方からだけでなく、海外やアブラハムの子孫が散っていったすべての国々から集まってきた。
They were brought together by very various motives. 彼らが集まった動機は様々であった。
Some came with the solemn thoughts and deep religious joy of minds responsive to the memories of the venerable occasion. ある者は由緒ある機会の記念に応えて深い宗教的な喜びと荘厳な考えでやってきた。
Some looked forward chiefly to reunion with relatives and friends who had been long parted from them by residence in distant places. またある者は、遠い地に親戚や友人たちから遠く離れて住んでいるため、彼らに再会することが主たる目的であった。
Not a few of the baser sort brought with them the darling passions of their race, and were chiefly intent on achieving in so great a concourse some important stroke of business. 彼らの人種の持ち前の熱意をもって一儲けたくらむものも少なからずいた。そして広場が大変広かったので重要な商売が企画されていた。
But this year the minds of tens of thousands were full of an unusual excitement, and they came up to the capital expecting to see something more remarkable than they had ever witnessed there before. しかしこの年には、ただならぬ興奮に満ちた何十万ものひとびとがいた。彼らは以前聞いた驚くべき徴を何か見られると期待して都に登ってきたのであった。
They hoped to see Jesus at the feast, and entertained many vague forebodings as to what might happen in connection with Him. 彼らは祭りの間にイエスを見ることを望んだ。そしてイエスよってどのようなことが起きるか多くの漠然とした予兆を思い描いていた。
His name was the word oftenest passing from mouth to mouth among the pilgrim bands that crowded along the highways and among the Jewish groups that talked together on the decks of the ships coming from Asia Minor and Egypt. 彼の名は道路にそって群がる巡礼の団体や、小アジアやエジプトから来る船の甲板でユダヤ人のグループの間でもっとも頻繁に口伝えで広まった。
Nearly all His own disciples no doubt were there, and were ardently cherishing the hope that at last in this concourse of the nation He would throw off the guise of humility which concealed His glory, and in some irresistible way demonstrate His Messiahship. 疑いもなくイエスのほとんどの弟子たちも同じであって、彼の栄光を隠していた謙遜の装いをかなぐり捨てて国民の前に現れるという熱烈に培ってきた望みを持っていた。そして何かあらがうことのできない方法を用いて救い主であることを示すであろうと思っていた。
There must have been thousands from the southern portions of the country, in which He had recently been spending His time, who came full of the same enthusiastic views about Him as were entertained in Galilee at the close of His first year there; and no doubt there were multitudes of the Galileans themselves who were favourably disposed towards Him and ready to take the deepest interest in any new development of His affairs. イエスが最近時を過ごした国の南部から数千の人々がきていたが、彼らもイエスが最初の年の終わりを過ごしたガリラヤで行われた彼に関する熱狂的な情景を期待していたに違いない。
Tens of thousands from more distant parts, who had heard of Him but never seen Him, arrived in the capital in the hope that He might be there, and that they might enjoy the opportunity of seeing a miracle or listening to the words of the new prophet. イエスを決して見ることはできないがイエスのことを聞いていた、もっと離れた土地からも何万もの人々が、そこにいけばイエスに会えるかもしれない都に到着し、新しい予言者の奇跡を見、説教を聞く機会を喜んでいた。
The authorities in Jerusalem, too, awaited His coming with very mingled feelings. 同様にエルサレムの権力者たちも非常に複雑な感情でもってイエスの到来を待っていた。
They hoped that some turn of events might give them the chance of at last suppressing Him; but they could not help fearing that He might appear at the head of a provincial following which would place them at His mercy. 祭りの間に何かのきっかけでイエスを捕らえる機会とすることを彼らは望んだ。しかし彼が憐れみを施した地方の人々を従えてその地の頭として現れることを恐れずにはいられなかった。
The Final Breach with the Nation 国民の最後の反対
Six days before the Passover began, He arrived in Bethany, the village of His friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, which lay half an hour from the city on the other side of the summit of the Mount of Olives. 過越の祭の六日前に、イエスは彼の友であるマルタ、マリヤとラザロがいたベタニヤに到着した。そこは都から30分ほどのところで反対側にオリーブ山の頂があった。
It was a convenient place to lodge in during the feast, and He took up His quarters with His friends. そこは祭りの間泊まるのに便利であったので、弟子たちと共に泊めてもらうことにした。
The solemnities were to begin on a Thursday, so that it was on the previous Friday He arrived there. 儀式は木曜日に始まった。それで前の週の金曜日にそこに到着した。
He had been accompanied the last twenty miles of His journey by an immense multitude of the pilgrims, to whom He was the centre of interest. 最後の20マイルの旅に非常に多くの巡礼の群衆が同行した。彼は彼らの関心の的であった。
They had seen Him healing blind Bartimaeus at Jericho, and the miracle had produced among them extraordinary excitement. 彼らはエリコで盲目のバルテマイが癒やされるのを見たが、その奇跡は彼らの間に極度の興奮を巻き起こした。
When they reached Bethany the village was ringing with the recent resurrection of Lazarus, and they carried on the news to the crowds who had already arrived from all quarters in Jerusalem, that Jesus had come. 彼らがベタニヤに到着した時、その村は最近ラザロが甦ったことで沸き返っていた。彼らはエルサレムの隅々まで、すでに到着していた群衆にイエスがきたことを伝えた。
Palm Sunday シュロの聖日
Accordingly, when, after resting over the Sabbath in Bethany, He came forth on the Sunday morning to proceed to the city, He found the streets of the village and the neighbouring roads thronged with a vast crowd, consisting partly of those who had accompanied Him on the Friday, partly of other com­panies who had come up behind Him from Jericho and heard of the miracles as they came along, and partly of those who, having heard that He was at hand, had flocked out from Jerusalem to see Him. 次いで、安息日が過ぎるまでベタニヤで休息してから、彼は日曜日にエルサレムに向かって進んだ時、村の通りがは群衆で埋め尽くされているのを見た。その一部は金曜日に彼と一緒にいた一行であり、また一部は途中彼の奇跡を見、エリコから彼に着いてきた人々であった。また一部はイエスがすぐ近くにきていると聞いてエルサレムから彼を見に来た人々であった。
They welcomed Him with enthusiasm, and began to shout, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!’ 彼らはイエスを熱狂的に歓迎し、「ダビデの子にホサナ。主の御名によって来た方に祝福を。いと高きところにホサナ!」と叫び始めた。
It was a Messianic demonstration such as He had formerly avoided. それは彼がこれまで避けてきた救い主であることの提示であった。
But now He yielded to it. しかし、今や彼はそれを容認した。
Probably He was satisfied with the sincerity of the homage paid to Him; and the hour had come when no considerations could permit Him any longer to conceal from the nation the character in which He presented Himself and the claim He made on its faith. 恐らく彼は彼へ払われた心からの尊敬に満足されたのであろう。そしてもはや自分がいかなる存在であり、それを彼らが信じるように求めることを国民の前に隠しておけない時が来たのであった。
But, in yielding to the desires of the multitude that He should assume the style of a king, He made it unmistakable in what sense He accepted the honour. しかし、彼を王の姿にしようとする民衆の願望にまかせたが、どのような意味でその栄誉に同意したのかを誤ることなく示した。
He sent for an ass-colt and, His disciples having spread their garments on it, rode at the head of the crowd. 彼は、弟子たちをロバの子を連れてくるために派遣した。弟子たちはロバの子に上着をかけ、彼はそれに乗って群衆の先頭に立った。
Not armed to the teeth or bestriding a war-horse did He come, but as the King of simplicity and peace. 公然と武装したとか軍馬にまたがってきたのではなく、質素な平和の君として彼はやってきた。
The procession swept over the brow of Olivet and down the mountainside; it crossed the Kedron and, mounting the slope which led to the gate of the city, passed on through the streets to the temple. 行列がオリーブ山を越え、山を下っていき、ケデロン川を横切り斜面を登って神殿に至る道の通っている町の門に進んでいった。
It swelled as it went, great numbers hurrying from every quarter to join it; the shouts rang louder and more loud; the processionists broke off twigs from the palms and olives, as they passed, and waved them in triumph. 進むにつれて群衆は膨れあがり、膨大な人数の人々があらゆる街角からそれに急速に加わった。叫び声はますます大きくなり、行列する人々はシュロやオリーブの枝を折り、勝ち誇ってそれを振った。
The citizens of Jerusalem ran to their doors and bent over their balconies to look, and asked, ‘Who is this?’ to which the processionists replied with provincial pride, ‘This is Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth.’ エルサレムの市民たちは戸口に走り寄り、あるいはバルコニーから見下ろした。そして尋ねた。「この人は誰か?」それに対して、行列者は同郷者の誇りを持って答えた。「この人はナザレの予言者。イエスだ。」
It was, in fact, an entirely provincial demonstration. 事実、それは完全に同郷者のデモンストレーションであった。
The Jerusalemites took no part in it, but held coldly aloof. エルサレムの人々はそれに少しも関わらず、冷たく傍観した。
The authorities knew only too well what it meant, and beheld it with rage and dread. 権力者たちはこれが何を意味するか知りすぎるほど知っており、憤怒と恐怖を覚えていた。
They came to Jesus and ordered Him to bid His followers hold their peace, hinting no doubt that, if He did not do so, the Roman garrison, which was stationed in the immediate vicinity, would pounce on Him and them, and punish the city for an act of treason to Caesar. 彼らはイエスのところにきて従う人々を静かにさせるよう要求した。そうしないならば、駐留しているローマの守備隊が、皇帝への反逆行為であるとして町を罰するであろうと脅した。