− パウロ伝(35) −
The Life of St. Paul
James Stalker

(コリントI 12:31、14:1)


95. It may have been such thoughts, dimly moving in his mind, that projected themselves into the vision which he saw at Troas; or was it the vision which first awakened the idea of crossing to Europe?

As he lay asleep, with the murmur of the Aegean in his ears, he saw a man standing on the opposite coast, on which he had been looking before he went to rest, beckoning and crying, "Come over into Macedonia and help us." エーゲ海の潮騒(しおさい)を耳にしながら眠っていたとき、彼は対岸に一人の人が立って手招きし「マケドニアに渡ってきて私たちを助けてください。」と叫んでいる幻を見た。
That figure represented Europe, and its cry for help Europe's need of Christ. その人物はヨーロッパを示し、ヨーロッパがキリストの助けを必要としていると叫んだ。
Paul recognized in it a divine summons; and the very next sunset which bathed the Hellespont in its golden light shone upon his figure seated on the deck of a ship the prow of which was moving toward the shore of Macedonia. パウロはそれが神の召しであることを悟った。そして正に次の落日にヘレスポントの黄金の光を浴びて、彼の姿はマケドニアに向かう船の甲板に座っていた。

96. In this passage of Paul, from Asia to Europe, a great providential decision was taking effect, of which, as children of the West, we cannot think without the profoundest thankfulness.

Christianity arose in Asia and among an Oriental people; and it might have been expected to spread first among those races to which the Jews were most akin. キリスト教はアジアの東洋人のあいだで起こり、ユダヤ人とその最も親近の人種の間に、はじめに広まることが予想されても不思議ではない。
Instead of coming west, it might have gone eastward. 西に来る代わりに東に行ってもよかったのであった。
It might have penetrated into Arabia and taken possession of those regions where the faith of the False Prophet now holds sway. 今は偽預言者の信仰に支配されているアラビアの人々に普及してもよかったのである。
It might have visited the wandering tribes of Central Asia and, piercing its way down through the passes of the Himalayas, reared its temples on the banks of the Ganges, the Indus and the Godavery. 中央アジアの遊牧民族を訪れ、狭い道を通り抜けて下りヒマラヤ山脈を越えて、ガンジス川、インダス川そしてゴーダーヴァリ川の岸に神殿がそびえ立ったかも知れない。
It might have traveled farther east to deliver the swarming millions of China from the cold secularism of Confucius. 更に東に進んで、支那(中国)の何百万の人の群れを、孔子(儒教)の冷たい世俗主義から救ってもよかったのである。
Had it done so, missionaries from India and Japan might have been coming to England and America at the present day to tell the story of the Cross. もしもそうなっていたら、今、インドや日本からの宣教師が英国やアメリカに来て、十字架の物語を語っていたことであろう。
But Providence conferred on Europe a blessed priority, and the fate of our continent was decided when Paul crossed the Aegean. しかし神の摂理はヨーロッパに第一の祝福を与えることであった。私たちの大陸の命運はパウロがエーゲ海を渡ったときに決定された。

97. Macedonia.--As Greece lay nearer than Rome to the shore of Asia, its conquest for Christ was the great achievement of his second missionary journey.

Like the rest of the world it was at that time under the sway of Rome, and the Romans had divided it into two provinces--Macedonia in the north and Achaia in the south. 当時世の他の地域と同様ローマの統治下にあって、ローマ人は北部をマケドニア、南部をアカヤに分けていた。
Macedonia was, therefore, the first scene of Paul's Greek mission. 従ってマケドニアはパウロのギリシャ宣教の最初の舞台となった。
It was traversed from east to west by a great Roman road, along which the missionary moved, and the places where we have accounts of his labors are Philippi, Thessalonica and Beroea. マケドニアは大ローマの道路が東から西へ通っていた。その道路に沿って伝道が行われた。そして彼の働きはピリピ、テサロニケ、ベレヤといった地が数えれている。

98. The Greek character in this northern province was much less corrupted than in the more polished society to the south.

In the Macedonian population there still lingered something of the vigor and courage which four centuries before had made its soldiers the conquerors of the world. マケドニアの人々の内には、4世紀前に世界を征服した兵士たちの活力と勇気がまだ残っていた。
The churches which Paul founded here gave him more comfort than any he established elsewhere. パウロがこの地に建てた教会は、他のどの地域で建てた教会よりもパウロに慰めを与えた 。
There are none of his Epistles more cheerful and cordial than those to the Thessalonians and the Philippians; and, as he wrote the latter late in life, the perseverance of the Macedonians in adhering to the gospel must have been as remarkable as the welcome they gave it at the first. テサロニケ人とピリピ人に宛てた手紙以上に、喜びに溢れ愛情のこもった親切な書簡は他にない。そして彼が晩年になって手紙を書いたとき、福音を堅く保つマケドニア人の忍耐は、彼が最初に受けた歓迎を思い起こさせたことであろう。
At Beroea he even met with a generous and open-minded synagogue of Jews—the rarest occurrence in his experience. ベレヤで彼はユダヤ人の会堂で、こころが寛く偏見のない人々に出会った。・・彼にとって希(なれ)な経験であった