− キリスト伝(29) −
James Stalker


Death approached Him with every terrible accompaniment. 死はあらゆる恐ろしいそれに付随するものを伴ってイエスに接近しつつあった。
He was to fall a victim to the treachery of a follower of His own, whom He had chosen and loved. イエスは自分で選び愛した彼自身の弟子の裏切りの犠牲になろうとしていた。
His life was to be taken by the hands of His own nation, in the city of His heart. 彼のいのちは彼が愛した町で、彼自身の民の手で取り去られようとしていた。
He had come to exalt His nation to heaven, and had loved her with a devotion nourished by the most intelligent and sympathetic acquaintance with her past history and with the great men who had loved her before Him, as well as by the sense of all which He Himself was able to do for her. 彼は自分の民を天国に招き入れようとし、彼がご自分の民のためになし得る限りという意味で、過去の歴史に登場した彼以前の偉大なひとびとの知性と共感によって培った献身をもって愛した。
But His death would bring down the blight of a thousand curses on Palestine and Jerusalem. しかし、彼の死はパレスチナとエルサレムの上に幾千の呪いをもたらすものとなるであろう。
How clearly He foresaw what was coming was shown by the memorable prophetic discourse of the twenty-fourth of Matthew, which He spoke on Tuesday afternoon to His disciples, sitting on the side of Mount Olivet, with the doomed city at His feet. いかに明確に彼が予見していたかは、マタイの24章の予言的説教に示されている。それは木曜の午後に、足下にエルサレムを眺める事のできるオリーブ山の斜面に座り、弟子たちに対して語られた。
How bitter was the anguish it caused Him was shown on the Sunday, when, even in His hour of triumph, as the joyful multitude bore Him down the mountain road, He stopped at the point where the city burst upon the view, and with tears and lamentations predicted its fate. それが彼の内に引き起こした苦悩がいかに苦いものであったかは、次の日曜日に示された。 喜んだ群衆が彼を担った山道を下る勝利の時にさえ、急に町が視界に入るその場所で、涙と嘆きをもってエルサレムに到来する定めを予言したのであった。
It ought to have been the fair city’s bridal day, when she should have been married to the Son of God; but the pallor of death was on her face. それはこの美しい町が神の子と結婚して、婚礼の日となるべきはずであったが、彼女の顔は青ざめた死の顔であった。
He who would have taken her to His heart, as the hen gathers her chickens under her wings, saw the eagles already in the air flying fast to rend her in pieces. めんどりが翼の下に雛たちを集めるように、彼のこころは彼女に向けられていたが、わしが彼女を八つ裂きにしようと、すでに矢のように空を飛んでいるのを彼は見た。
Alone In The Night
In the evenings of this week He went out to Bethany, but in all probability He spent most of the nights alone in the open air. その週の夕方に彼はベタニヤ行ったが、すべての可能性において、彼は夜の大部分を戸外でひとり過ごしたことは疑う余地がない。
He wandered about in the solitude of the hill-top, and among the olive-groves and gardens with which the sides of the mount were covered; many a time, perhaps, going along the same road down which the procession had passed and, as He looked across the valley, from the point where He had stopped before, at the city sleeping in the moonlight, startling the night with cries more bitter than the lamentation which overawed the multitude; many a time repeating to His lonely heart the great truths He had uttered in the presence of the Greeks. 誰もいない丘の上や、オリーブの茂みで覆われた丘の斜面の園を彼はさまよい歩かれた。 そこはおそらく彼が何度も足を運んだところであって、行列が進んだ同じ道で谷を見下ろして足を止め、月の光の下で眠る町を眺め、自分の前に現れたギリシャ人たちに語った偉大な眞里を彼の心に繰り返したことであろう。
He was terribly alone. 彼は恐ろしく孤独であった。
The whole world was against Him—Jerusalem panting for His life with passionate hate, the tens of thousands from the provinces turned from Him in disappointment. 全世界が彼に立ち向かった・・・エルサレムは激しい嫌悪を持った彼のいのちをつけねらった。地方から集まった何万という人々が失望して彼に背を向けた。
Not one even of His apostles, not even John, was in the least aware of the real situation, or able to be the confidant of His thoughts. 彼の弟子たちさえ、ヨハネすらも、真の事態にちっとも気づいておらず、彼の気持ちを打ち明けることはできなかった。
This was one of the bitterest drops in His cup. このことは彼の杯のもっとも苦いもののひとつであった。
He felt as no other person has ever felt the necessity of living on in the world after death. 彼は他の誰も感じたことがないほど死後の世界に生きる必要を感じた。
The cause He had inaugurated must not die. 彼が創始した運動は死んではならなかった。
It was for the whole world, and was to endure through all generations and visit every part of the globe. それは全世界のためであった、すべての世代に受け継がれ地上のすべての場所に届くものであった。
But after His departure it would be left in the hands of His apostles, who were now showing themselves so weak, unsympathetic and ignorant. 彼が世を去った後、それは彼の弟子たちの手に委ねられるのであるが、今の弟子たちは非常に弱く、共感できず、無知であることを示していた。
Were they fit for the task? 弟子たちはその任務に適しているのか?
Had not one of them turned out a traitor? 彼らのうちのひとりは裏切り者となったではないか?
Would not the cause, when He was gone—so perhaps the tempter whispered—go to wreck, and all His far-reaching plans for the regeneration of the world vanish like the baseless fabric of a vision? 彼が去ってしまえば、彼の運動は挫折し、世界の再生の遠大な計画は、幻のような土台のない建築物のように消え去ってしまうのではないか?・・と誘惑者がささやいたことであろう。